Crystal White Teeth

Crystal White Teeth WhiteningHave You Always Wanted That Pearly Smile?

Who doesn’t want to have a pearly white smile? How many different kinds of whitening toothpaste have you tried? Or how many times have you cringed at the store looking at the price of the whitening stripes? We’re with you! It can be so frustrating to just want nice teeth and have to try all of those different avenues to maybe find something that will work for you. We’re here to tell you about Crystal White Teeth and how it might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Crystal White Teeth is an at home teeth whitening kit that says it can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter if you used it correctly. We love the idea of our teeth being eight shades whiter! Can you say pearly whites? The at-home system that Crystal White Teeth Whitening Kit uses looks like any other at home kit, but it does have quite a few additional perks. We’re going to tell you about those! But, if you’re ready to just jump in for your whiter teeth, just click on the link below to start your order!

Crystal White Smile Teeth Whitening

What Is Crystal White Teeth?

Crystal White Smile Teeth Whitening is, like we said, an at-home whitening kit. It comes with:

  1. 3 whitening wands
  2. 1 desensitizing pen
  3. 1 activating light & non-bulky mouth piece with universal cords
  4. A shade guide
  5. 1 instruction manual

This is what you will find in a one-month kit. There should be about 10 days’ worth of whitening gel in each whitening wand for them to last a month. And the desensitizing pen is for those with sensitive teeth to finish off the treatment with. The mouthpiece is what should really make magic. UV light is what, we think, causes the whitening to speed up. So, by speeding up the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide the whitening should speed up through the use of that mouth piece.

Of course, we can’t say how well this system will work for you and your teeth, but we certainly like everything it has to say! The mouth piece even connects to your phone as a battery, so you can whiten anywhere you go! Hello nice vacation photos! This Crystal White Teeth Whitening Kit really does seem to have it all.

How Does Crystal White Teeth Work?

Of course, when you’re using Crystal White Teeth you have to follow the specific directions. They’re there to help you get the whitest teeth possible. But, they seem rather easy! They go like this:

  1. Apply Whitening Wand Brush to Your Teeth
  2. Plug the Non-Bulky Mouthpiece into Your Smart Phone
  3. Place the Mouthpiece Over Your Teeth
  4. Relax & Let It Work For 10 Minutes
  5. Rinse
  6. Apply the Desensitizing Pen If You Need
  7. Enjoy Whiter Teeth!

Easy steps! If Crystal White Teeth Whitening works like it says, we’re really excited to see your results! We can’t say that it will work just because we don’t know what your teeth are like and how it will work for you. That shouldn’t scare you away though. The only way to really know is to give Crystal White Smile Teeth Whitening a shot for yourself!

Should You Try?

Our verdict is: yes! Give it a shot! Why not try something new? This could finally be the whitening product that works for you. You won’t know until you try it though. So, get to shoppin’! We really think that Crystal White Teeth Whitening has the potential to work well for you. When you’re ready to shop, click on the links on this page to hopefully get whiter teeth!

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